Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

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Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

Once my children were grown and on their own, I decided it was time to care of me. One of the first things I did was make an appointment with the dentist. I quickly discovered that years of not keeping up with my own dental care had taken a heavy toll on my teeth. Whereas I thought my teeth were just fine, the dentist pointed out several problems that were going to require a lot of work. When talking to friends, I found out that many of them were in the same boat. This blog is for people like me who just did not have time to keep up with their own dental care.

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A Few Tips For Avoiding Oral Care Oversights

Tooth care is an important part of your daily routine. However, it is a task that individuals will frequently make mistakes when it comes to dental hygiene, and these mistakes can contribute to an increase in dental problems by compromising your ability to effectively clean and protect your teeth. People will find that they can avoid many of these oversights through using some basic but essential dental hygiene tips.

Maintain Your Dental Care Tools

It is an unfortunate reality that there are individuals that will fail to realize the importance of keeping their toothbrushes and other dental cleaning tools clean and protected. Often people will simply lay their toothbrush on the side of the sink or in the medicine cabinet. Without putting a protective cover on the toothbrush, it can be possible for it to accumulate a sizable amount of bacteria. If these bacteria get on the surface of your teeth, they can contribute to a higher risk of cavities forming and infections developing. You can help to avoid this problem by investing in a toothbrush cap. These caps will help to shield the toothbrush, but you will want to sanitize it with alcohol every few days to keep it as clean as possible.

Avoid Using Alcohol-Based Mouthwash

Mouthwash can be one of the most effective ways of eliminating the bacteria that will not be able to be removed by regular brushing. However, when you are choosing a mouthwash, you should typically avoid the use of mouthwash that contains alcohol. Repeated and regular exposure to alcohol can be extremely damaging to your gums. For example, individuals that use alcohol based mouthwash for many years may increase their risks of developing oral cancer. Luckily, mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol are still highly effective at neutralizing the bacteria in your mouth, and they will potentially avoid this long term problem.

Be Mindful Of The Type Of Toothpaste That You Use

When it comes to the type of toothpaste that is used, many people will focus almost exclusively on the taste of it. However, it is important to know that toothpastes can have an assortment of benefits that may help your teeth. While many people are aware of the availability of whitening toothpastes, they may overlook toothpastes that are designed to reduce sensitivity or enhance the tooth's enamel. Luckily, you can consult with your dentist to better learn about the type of toothpaste that will meet the needs of your teeth.