Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

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Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

Once my children were grown and on their own, I decided it was time to care of me. One of the first things I did was make an appointment with the dentist. I quickly discovered that years of not keeping up with my own dental care had taken a heavy toll on my teeth. Whereas I thought my teeth were just fine, the dentist pointed out several problems that were going to require a lot of work. When talking to friends, I found out that many of them were in the same boat. This blog is for people like me who just did not have time to keep up with their own dental care.

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Looking For A Dentist In Springfield? Tips That Can Help Decrease Frustration And Make The Search Easier

How often has this happened to you? You ask your AI on your smartphone to locate something for you or search for something for you, and it returns a ton of results that have nothing to do with your location or where you live. Not only is that not "intelligent," artificially speaking, but it is also very frustrating. The most frustrating searches of all occur when people live in cities with common names, like Springfield, and they are searching for something rather common, like a dentist. If you are new to Springfield, IL, there are ways of finding a dentist that are less frustrating.

Say the State Quickly after the City When Using AI to Search for a Dentist

Phone and tablet AI have not quite caught on to the fact that human brains tend to pause a lot when speaking out loud. Be ready to say "Springfield, Missouri", "Springfield, IL," or "Springfield, MA," or any of the other thirty-plus cities that go by this moniker in thirty different states. Being quick and very specific reduces the likelihood that the AI on your device will produce results that have absolutely nothing to do with the "Springfield" in which you live.

Ask Your Neighbors

Since you just moved to the city, you will have lots of new neighbors with which to become acquainted. Spend a moment here and there making introductions, small talk, etc. Then ask them who they would recommend as a dentist nearby. If you are not comfortable asking for yourself, slip in something like, "one of the kids has a cavity we need looked at, " or "the spouse is complaining of tooth pain." Pick a relatable phrase to use to ease into conversation. Then you will not only get to know your neighbors a little better, but you will also find a couple of dentists close to where you live.

Consult With HR at Work

A lot of people who relocate for work forget that they can ask their Human Resources employee about which health and dental professionals in the new location are covered by the company's health and dental plans. By asking your new HR person, you can get a list of local dental contacts and offices that are covered by your company's insurance plan. One of them may be very close to your work, your home, and/or your kids' school (if applicable). Then find the dentists that are taking new patients, and you are all set. 

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