Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

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Rewinding the Years: Dental Care Tips for Older Adults

Once my children were grown and on their own, I decided it was time to care of me. One of the first things I did was make an appointment with the dentist. I quickly discovered that years of not keeping up with my own dental care had taken a heavy toll on my teeth. Whereas I thought my teeth were just fine, the dentist pointed out several problems that were going to require a lot of work. When talking to friends, I found out that many of them were in the same boat. This blog is for people like me who just did not have time to keep up with their own dental care.

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Preparing For Your First Root Canal

One of the dental procedures you may have to get is a root canal. A root canal is often done on patients who have very deep cavities that affect the root system of the tooth and will cause the tooth to rot and need to be pulled if work isn't done to salvage the enamel, tooth tissue, and nerve. A root canal is pretty intensive and while your dentist will use numbing medications and provide excellent service to keep you comfortable during the procedure, your dental roots will be affected and you'll experience some pain and discomfort for a time after your root canal is done. Read More 

Looking For A Dentist In Springfield? Tips That Can Help Decrease Frustration And Make The Search Easier

How often has this happened to you? You ask your AI on your smartphone to locate something for you or search for something for you, and it returns a ton of results that have nothing to do with your location or where you live. Not only is that not "intelligent," artificially speaking, but it is also very frustrating. The most frustrating searches of all occur when people live in cities with common names, like Springfield, and they are searching for something rather common, like a dentist. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Child’s Dental Visits Comfortable, Safe, And Enjoyable

Taking kids to the dentist can be a tough job if the kids are scared or apprehensive about going. As a parent, there are things you can do, though, that may help your child feel better about going. In fact, here are four tips to follow that may help your child feel more comfortable and safe while visiting the dentist. Bring your child with you during visits One good step to take is to bring your child with you to your own dental visits, even though this may be difficult to do. Read More 

What To Expect From Laughing Gas

There are multiple sedatives that can be used to help minimize your anxiety during a dental procedure. .A dentist may use an oral, injected, or inhaled sedative to help you relax, feel less anxious, and remain still as you receive a dental treatment. One of the most common sedatives used in sedation dentistry is laughing gas. Here is a bit of information about this widely used form of dental sedation to help you better understand it and know what to expect if you receive it in the future. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When You Have Porcelain Crowns

If you have recently received porcelain crowns, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do or not do to properly take care of them. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could damage your crowns. Using Your Teeth as a Tool Whenever you need help opening a package, you may turn to your teeth to help give you the strength and leverage to assist. Read More